William Henry







As a resident on the Strategy and Insights team, I have been partnered with a strategy director to work on client briefs for all things Mondelēz Canada. My job is to build research decks that uncover brand and media driven insights by using social listening tools, syndicated data, primary and secondary research. 






Protein conducted interviews with top high school basketball players around the world; asking questions about their Jordans, thoughts on shoe culture and how they keep up with the latest Nike releases online. It was my job to help break it down and help find valuable insights.




Story & Verse

Most recently at Story & Verse, a strategy director and I worked alongside Nike’s Innovation Team to explore the need for activewear products that provide prolonged freshness and reduce the need for laundering. Our job was to find insights and understand the biggest barriers to the idea of a “Never Washed” or “Always Fresh” product. 




BBH New York

After graduating from the Miami Ad School, I participated in Griffin Farley's Beautiful Minds, a strategy program and competition held by BBH New York. 




Before freelancing with Story & Verse, I was an intern at Protein, a small creative agency in Brooklyn. My focused project was an ongoing micro-influencer strategy campaign for Stella Artois. I helped research potential influencers and collaborated on how to facilitate their social presence best.





Miami Ad School

Dr Pepper super fans all over the country consider the soda brand an integral part of their life. Our job was to create a campaign that authentically reached and participated with Dr Pepper's fan base.