Harry’s is a successful razor company that distributes shaving products through an online subscription model.  All of the razors are made in Germany with high-quality steel. 



Harry's has a great look and well-designed product but lacks a true brand identity. Let’s give them one. 


Key Findings and Data

Competitors Include: Dollar Shave Club, Gillette, and Schick. Gillette is the largest competitor with over 60% market share in the shaving business. The younger men start shaving, the more likely they are to stay loyal to a particular shaving product. 18 year-old males should be Harry’s point of entry for this target market.



18-24 year-old males. Our audience is in college or beginning their career. They live fast-paced lives, are forward thinking, educated, mindful about the clothes they wear and what they look like. This audience searches for reliable, high-quality products in their life. They care about traditional values and enjoy finer things.



In a rushed post-modern world, it feels good to stop for a while and rediscover authentic values. 



Engage with young men and show how they relate to Harry’s through simple personality and traditional values.


Key Message

Harry’s combines traditional and contemporary convenience values. The reason to believe Harry's has traditional values is that the razors are made well at an affordable price. Harry's fulfills modern convenience values because they are distributed to your doorstep on a monthly basis.



When life was simple, shaving was hard. Today shaving is simple, and life is not. 



Stop these young men in their busy day-to-day tracks so they slow down and see that Harry’s quality matches what they are looking for in their own life. Harry’s will display past shaving traditions to show how shaving is a modern convenience in today’s busy life.  



Finding things that are constant in our lives is not a simple task. Harry’s covers the one aspect of your life to save you time and gives you the luxury of a simple tradition. Mixing past and modern times brings you quality and simplicity that enables you to take that extra time to get that perfect shave.


Completed at the Miami Ad School.