Texas born soda brand Dr Pepper was originally founded in 1885. They have always been a smaller, more independent soda company in comparison to other larger soda brands. The product has a non-conventional taste and flavor and it fits into its own niche category. Dr Peppers' sales have been increasing while other competing companies have been struggling as soda has become a less popular beverage. The success of Dr Pepper has a great deal to do with their strong brand following. 



The opportunity for Dr Pepper is to engage with fans to create a long-lasting program thanking them for their affection towards Dr Pepper.


Key Findings

Dr Pepper is the third-ranked dark carbonated soda in the United States among soda consumers. The demand for Dr Pepper is higher than supply. While soda consumption has been decreasing over the past ten years, Dr Pepper sales have been on the rise. 



The target audience is Dr Pepper fans primarily in the United States. The super fans all over the country who consider Dr Pepper as an integral part of their lives. If a restaurant doesn't have Dr Pepper, their second choice is water. Our audience really, really loves Dr Pepper.  



Being different and not conforming to the crowd feels good, but knowing that there are like-minded people who share the same feeling is even better.



The strategy is connecting the Dr Pepper fans with the brand and with each other.


Key Message

Dr Pepper is for the Mavericks in life.



Mavericks are unconventional and embrace their independent personality.



The creative concept is finding Dr Pepper’s Mavericks. Dr Pepper will launch an online program to find the top fans in each state across the United States. This will be a competition that takes place throughout college football season to see who the Dr Maverick is of each state. For the rest of the year the winners will have bragging rights along with a letterman jacket to show their Maverick Dr Pepper pride. This will be a long-lasting program that will take place every football season. 

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